• Do you think there are products designed specifically for white people’s hair and ones designed for black people’s hair? Or can all hair products work for all hair types?… Well I have always been under the impression that hair is hair; whether it’s a black, white or Asian person’s hair, it is just hair at […]

  • Internationally-acclaimed trumpeter, Hugh Masekela, has reignited a long-standing debate about black women wearing weaves. Bra Hugh, as he is affectionately known, was reported to have asked for extra security detail at a show in Durban, to “shield him from weave-decorated women”. The musician has held this view for a long time, stating that as a […]

  • Girl those thinning edges are NOT cute. Unfortunately whether you are relaxed or natural many of us black women suffer from what I like to call the STRUGGLE! We love our weaves, braids, wigs, high buns, and chemicals. We love all the things that just tear those edges up! Unfortunately, there comes a point where […]

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