Hair Talk | Is there such a thing as hair products made specifically for white hair or black hair?

10th July 2015

Do you think there are products designed specifically for white people’s hair and ones designed for black people’s hair? Or can all hair products work for all hair types?…

Well I have always been under the impression that hair is hair; whether it’s a black, white or Asian person’s hair, it is just hair at the end of the day and that any shampoo and conditioner that is good for one, should be good for the other…right?.

It was until, at a recent hair product launch I attended, that I had an interesting conversation with someone about how perhaps some products work better for white hair and others are best for black hair…especially when you start looking closely at the structure of each hair.

Straight hair usually gets oily quite quickly because the natural oil from the scalp is able to travel easily down the hair shaft thus coating the entire length of the hair strand. While kinky, coily hair tends to get dry due to the oils not reaching the entire length of the hair easily because of all the kinks (turns) in each strand of hair. This will then mean that black natural hair benefits a lot from hair products whose main aim is to infuse moisture back into the hair. Hence you will find the LCO/LOC methods work so well for black natural hair…and how co-washing (washing your hair with conditioner only) is done by most naturals. Our hair really craves the moisture!

So with that in mind it would make sense that those with straight hair (mostly women of Caucasian/European descent) will prefer products that strip excess oils from the hair or products that won’t weigh it down…and those with curly and coily hair would obviously want to use hair products that bring back the oils and moisture into the hair.

Personally, I don’t think hair products should be classified by products that work for white people’s hair or products that work for black people’s hair but rather according to the type of hair one has. So whether that be straight, curly, coily, dull, greasy, damaged or dry hair.

It would also be great then if hair care brands could get to a point whereby the advertising does not show a specific race but rather focuses on a certain hair texture or even products that help to treat different hair “problems” (e.g dry or damaged hair). I would also like to see retails stores move away from separating or shelving hair products according to products meant for black people and hair products meant for white people.

What do you guys think? Is there such a thing as hair products specifically made for a certain type of race or do you think that is now changing?